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There are many ways to enhance your home using masonry.  We will explore some of the imaginative ways which have been done.  There is no limit to what Brian can do with stone.  We also work with Apple Wood Ovens hand making oven cores here in Boulder, CO
Front Entrances
Outdoor Living Space
-This can be as elaborate as you can imagine or as simple as you could want. 
-Add a Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Fireplace, a BBQ Grill, Outdoor Bar, etc.
Before the kitchen.....................After!
A backyard pizza oven using the Apple Woodoven's Core.  Check out more info about pizza ovens at
The patio from the house to the wood fired pizza oven.  Along the path we partnered with 63rd St. Farm & planted an edible landscape.
Stone Cup entrance in Lyons, CO (below)
Entrance patio at Planet Blue Grass in Lyons, CO (above)
Walkways & Stair Cases

Fire Places
Other Imaginative Items
CIRCLE PATIO'S 4 SALE!       Hand cut 10' circle patios made from Colorado Red Sandstone.  
Build your own Circle patio!

This DIY kit comes with: 
-24 Precut Stones 
-An Instruction Manual
-A List of Tools
Price:  $849
Installation:  $400
DIY Installation:  FREE
Entrance Before......................Then After!
Other Stuff We Do!
Brian & Amanda Scott also are the owners/farmers of the 63rd St. Farm.  We grow veggies for our community through a CSA program.

Boulder Stonescapes can also build you a greenhouse, no till garden, help you with your chickens & much more!  Contact us if you would like more info or check out the farm website
This winter in Longmont we did some Sheet Mulching.  Starting with some poo, cardboard, poo, straw, wood chips, composted poo, straw!  The best time to do this is in the fall/winter so it will have time & moisture to decompose for the summer garden.
 This is the pallet of stone you will receive!             My wife putting it in.  Digging out the patio space.             Here she is finished putting it together!
The patio washed down & dressed ready to enjoy!!
Some Greenhouses Boulder StoneScapes installed at the 63rd St. Farm.
Water Features