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Brian and Amanda Scott also own Applewood Ovens, LLC.  This company specializes in woodfired pizza ovens.  We have developed our own masonry cores that will last beyond a lifetime with very low maintenance.  The floors are made from full size fire brick optimal for maintaining the proper heat for live fire cooking.  The exterior can be customized to any chosen style or aesthetic.  We have built hundreds of mobile ovens as well as backyard ovens, even  in local restaurants.
Below is a list out of  what to think about when ordering a pizza oven.

As you can see we offer many styles of ovens with any facade you desire.  We have built many outdoor kitchens featuring our ovens as well as other components.  They can be as elaborate as you can dream or as simple as you would like.  But either way they will only add value to your home.  

One of our dear friends Antonio Laudisio has purchased many ovens from us for his markets as well as private events.  If you have been in Boulder for any period of time everyone knows Laudisio's Wood Fired Pizza!

Here is an example of a crane setting an oven in a backyard!
Considerations Upon Ordering your Oven:

    - Choose your Oven Size?  We offer a 32" or a 42" cooking floor.  The  standard size of the hearth opening is  10" tall x 18" wide for the 32" oven.  10" tall x up to 27" wide for the large oven.   We can also offer a grill front insert (as shown above).  Super cool!  The 32" can cook anywhere from 1-3 pizzas at a time and the 42" cooks 3-4 pizzas at a time.

    - What shape would you like your oven?  Examples are rounded, squared off,     or however you can imagine it. 

    - What would you like the dome to be covered in? You can choose Stucco     (which offers more color options), brick, stone,  mosaic, or again whatever     you can imagine.

    - How would you like to decorate the facade? Stone, Brick, Mosaic, or guess     what...however you can imagine.

    - When would you like to be cooking in it?  Lets get this party cooking!!
Ready to Order!!!!
Contact Brian Scott @ (720)-883-8159  OR

Lets start planning your dream outdoor kitchen, it's Time to PARTY!